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Apprenticeships at MS-Schramberg are starting

A joint start with a 2-day workshop under the motto of "Team spirit and motivation".


At the start of a new year of vocational training in September, 13 new apprentices launched their professional careers.

To allow new apprentices to better get to know those who are already with the company, for the second time a two-day joint workshop (with overnight stay) was held right after the vocational training began. The response from the apprentices and their instructors was generally very positive. Getting to know each other during outdoor games in which teamwork played a major role, as well as learning a line dance (freestyle) is still more fun than work. The team-building exercises were professionally assisted by team trainers, which was well received by the apprentices.

The training at MS-Schramberg is conducted under the motto of "Supporting and Challenging" and is primarily supposed to be fun. We are not offering our apprentices a run of the mill training. Instead, we are offering them the freedom to be creative and show initiative. At the same time, we are also giving them an appropriate amount of responsibility early on, which allows them to learn quickly and more efficiently.

The training opportunities are diverse and range from apprenticeships in the commercial sector to the training to become process mechanics, machine and plant operators, tool mechanics or industrial mechanics, just to name a few. In the commercial sector, MS-Schramberg trains industrial clerks as well IT specialists with different specialities.