The primary result of the perfect mixture of experience, know-how and technical implementation is efficiency. The solutions that are being created turn a product into a real competitive advantage. Present us with our next challenge and we will gladly provide you with a solution.


Product development for custom requirements

At MS-Schramberg, comprehensive know-how regarding the shaping options and material properties of magnets meet state-of-the-art process and automation technologies. Combined with in-depth customer service, that is the basis for each of our custom magnet solutions.

Thanks to our depth of production, you will benefit from a development partnership that adapts precisely to your needs. From the initial idea and the joint development process to the production of prototypes all the way to the product qualification.

Magnetic field calculation

Measurement technology


Material development

Developing the materials for our magnet solutions means that we can influence the result from the beginning – and be responsible for it. The permanent dialogue between the material production and the production departments guarantees the quality and reliable implementation of all functional requirements. This material expertise is unique in Europe: Apart from MS-Schramberg, there is no other magnet manufacturer in Europe who will produce such a wide range of magnetic materials while also taking care of the subsequent production and machining.

The advantages are apparent: As the magnet manufacturer, we are your sole point of contact from the material to the completed magnet solution. And we guarantee optimal results.

State-of-the-art analysis and measurement processes in our in-house laboratory guarantee the reliable quality of the materials we develop and produce. You can count on it completely!


Tool making and mould making for press tools and injection moulding tools

We have been acquiring comprehensive expertise in the areas of tool making and mould making for decades. Whether it's magnetisation coils, test devices or complete production plants: We are offering innovative, high-quality solutions that are tailored exactly to your needs for all of your magnet projects.


Automation technology

Anybody who wants to produce economically while maintaining a minimal error rate (zero-defect strategy), requires a high degree of automation and lean, efficient processes. We achieve this goal through maximum implementation precision and simultaneous optimisation of work processes.

Our plant engineering and production facility department develops, designs and builds feeders, handling devices, assembly fixtures and test devices as well as complete production plants. In addition, we develop and build our own magnetisation coils and the required magnetisation devices.



Tailor-made pressing technology

The production process of sintered hard ferrite magnets is similar to that of the production of technical ceramics.

First, a so-called "green body" is manufactured from a magnetic powder that corresponds to the respective magnet quality via a pressing process. The magnet is created during the subsequent sintering in continuous furnaces.

In many cases, the sintered magnets receive their final shape through a mechanical machining process involving diamond tools and various grinding processes. The magnets are magnetised at the end of the process chain or after they have been shipped to the customer.

The pressing processes can generally be distinguished between "wet pressing" and "dry pressing".

Axial pressing

Transverse field or diametrical pressing

Isostatic pressing


Injection moulding techniques for magnets and magnet assemblies

Injection moulding is used primarily in the processing of plastics. When using this shaping process, plastics (or other materials) are first plasticised in an injection unit and then injected into a mould with high pressure. When it cools in the mould, the liquid plastic becomes solid and, following a defined cooling off period, it can be ejected from the mould. When using this process, parts can be used in most cases without requiring post-treatment. Depending on the abrasiveness of the plastic, tremendous quantities of up to millions of parts can be produced with a single cavity.

Overmoulding of insert parts

Multi-component injection moulding

Multi-stage injection moulding


Optimal magnetic systems through joining technology

A magnet assembly is a "product" that becomes a customer-specific "magnetic system" as a result of the further processing of sintered or plastic-bonded permanent magnets. We combine magnets with other technical components, which, for example, makes a subsequent assembly much easier.

Gluing technology

Additional joining technologies



Our declared goal is a fault -free production. Our certified and consistently implemented quality management guarantees our customers technologically and economically optimised products.

With state-of-the-art measurement equipment, we are able to offer constant, process-accompanying monitoring of magnetic and mechanical requirements. Specially developed measuring devices also allow measurements that go way beyond standard requirements.

Top quality and custom requirements make our products the cream of the crop in the area of magnet production. Thanks to many year of experience in the production of hard ferrite and rare earth magnets as well as assemblies and plastic parts, our technical expertise as well as our knowledge base continues to expand. We are now able to proudly take stock of our customer base and the accolades we have earned throughout Europe.

At the same time, we are also making use of the competencies of external institutions and partners. State-of-the-art analysis and measurement processes guarantee the absolute reliability and quality of the materials we develop and produce. Our in-house, comprehensively equipped laboratory serves to achieve this goal.

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