01Innovative technology for efficient production

Permanent magnets are used in many sensor applications as signal transmitters for Hall sensors and / or magnetoresistive sensors. The magnetic fi elds are relatively low, so that external magnetic interference fi elds could lead to incorrect measurement results. In such cases, magnetic shielding is beneficial.


Technical data

  • Material designation NdFeB 72 / 70 pw | 65 / 70 pw | 65 / 85 pw
  • Isotropic
  • Typical remanence of 700 mT
  • Multi-pole magnetisation possible at the inside diameter
  • Binding agent approx. 2 % epoxy


02Advantages / Benefits

Magnetic shielding

No adhesive bonds

Low use of magnetic material since wall thicknesses of up to 1.5 mm can be implemented

Tight tolerances

no adhesive gaps and therefore less imbalance

Magnetic alloy without dysprosium

Precise magnetisation

efficient production

can be produced in a single step

Compact installation space due to the use of highly remanent magnetic material

Speeds of more than 50,000 rpm are possible (burst protection)

Design according to customer requirements


A typical application of magnetic fi eld sensors is the contact-free detection of position, rotation and speed. Permanent magnets with special geometry and magnetisation are used as magnetic signal transmitters.

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