01Work that sparks enthusiasm

You are looking for a new challenge? A task that will provide you with lasting excitement? As Europe's leading manufacturer of permanent magnets and assemblies, MS-Schramberg offers a secure job in a modern field, good opportunities for advancement and much more. Enthusiasm for what we do and how we do it. Namely by always working well together. At MS-Schramberg technology and humans work together – at the highest level. That's the only way work makes sense to us. And it's the only reason we are so enthusiastic about what we do. Does that sound like the challenge you are looking for? Then apply now and become a part of the MS-Schramberg magnetism.

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02Employee testimonials

We are enthusiastic about cutting-edge technology and rely on the power of bright minds. That is why we are providing each employee with opportunities for personal growth and therefore a career path that is both undefined and sustainable.