Components for cooling water pumps

more than just a drive

Assembly: Impeller / bearing bush / rotor magnet


In order to protect combustion or electric engines, as well as other power units, in vehicles and to power them efficiently, they have to be cooled effectively while preserving energy. The demands on electrical efficiency, smooth running characteristics and noise levels in vehicles keep increasing. In addition, durability in different fluids and at various temperatures and pressures is another requirement. Rotor solutions that meet these high standards can be developed using FEM-supported magnetic field calculations as well as the optimisation of geometries and wall thicknesses through filling simulations. We achieve a continuously high quality thanks to a linked production process of multi-component injection moulding technology with assembly units. An efficient production process for series production and a magnetic compound optimised for specific applications serve as the basis for the use of the “drive rotor with impeller” system solution from MS-Schramberg.


  • Magnetic rotor with impeller ready for installation
  • Integration of the bearing
  • Magnetisation can be adapted to the motor conditions with regard to the number and type of poles
  • In-house compound production ensures that the product requirements can be optimally met
  • High output due to production in an injection moulding tool with multiple cavities
  • An additional active balancing is possible during series production if necessary
  • High temperature shock resistance

Applications in vehicles

  • Engine and battery cooling
  • Heating circuit
  • Cooling of charging devices and fuel cell stacks

Industrial and building technology applications

  • Water cooling of electronic devices
  • Small pumps in general
  • Heating and cooling technology in buildings

Technical data

  • Material designation HF 14/22p (type Br 275 mT), anisotropic NdFeB 43/80p (type Br 515 mT), isotropic
  • Typical magnetisation: multipolar at the perimeter
  • Binding agent: Polyphenylene sulphide (PPS)
  • Impeller: Example PPS 40% GF
  • Operating temperature -40 to +150°C