Cooperation partnership with Rubbertec

A specialist for elastomer technology will become a partner during the development and pro-duction of elastomer-bonded magnets.

To implement the new plastic material, we have entered into a cooperation partnership with Rubbertec GmbH, a specialist for elastomer technology based in Nürtingen. With a staff of about 200 employees, Rubbertec develops and produces high-quality elastomer products for automotive seals and industrial applications. Going forward, we will work with our development partner Rubbertec on the development of materials, the production of compounds and the manufacture of elastomer-bonded magnets. At the location in Villingen-Schwenningen, Rubbertec will be able to illustrate the entire product development process: from the design and testing to simulations and acceptance. Our partner also meets the high technical specifications of the automotive industry.

That means we are ideally positioned for the production of elastomer-bonded magnets: state-of-the-art machinery, our own tool shop and magnetisation technology know-how that is supplemented by the technical knowledge and production expertise of Rubbertec.

By adding elastomer-bonded magnets to our portfolio, we will be able to meet customer demands even better and can take into account the most efficient solutions right from the start of the development process. Our product developers will use their many years of process design experience, and, thanks to cutting-edge simulations, can specify which type of material is the best solution.

Elastomer-bonded magnets are the sensible solution when thermoplastic magnets cannot be injected straight into sleeves due to material shrinkage, when an injected PA ring magnet cannot be injected straight onto the carrier materials and has to be glued instead, when a high pole pitch accuracy is required and when the expansion coefficients of the carrier material and the magnet differ greatly. Typical applications for elastomer-bonded magnets are magnetic pole rings and sensor magnets for position and speed detection as well as rotor position sensors.

Take advantage of our great expertise and don't hesitate to contact us if you need additional information.