Donation for the hospice group Schramberg

It is a tradition at MS-Schramberg to donate a charitable organisation or volunteer helpers during the Christmas season.

MS-Schramberg managing director Heimo Hübner hands over the cheque to the hospice group Schramberg, represented by Ulrike Haaser and Gerhard Rudolphy

In its search for a charitable organization, MS-Schramberg has come across countless organisations in the region that are worth supporting. The hospice group Schramberg, which accompany seriously ill and dying people impressed  MS-Schrambergt the most.

Listening and talking, crying and laughing, holding and letting go: For the volunteers, who belong to the hospice group all this is part of it. "We have great respect for this commitment and are therefore very happy to support the Schramberg hospice group," says Heimo Hübner, Managing Director of MS-Schramberg. True to the motto: "What applies to the world of technology and permanent magnets also applies to the areas of social affairs, education, sport and culture: Ambitious goals are best achieved in close and trusting cooperation with partners. We therefore support various clubs and projects in their valuable commitment. In this way, we strengthen them and assume responsibility for the positive development of our region and society.