Varied use of permanent magnets

Industrially manufactured permanent magnets are formed from suitable magnetic materials and magnetised by an external magnetic field. They permanently retain the magnetisation after the magnetic field is removed. The potential applications of permanent magnets are versatile.

These days, for example, hundreds of magnets are used in modern cars. Their applications range from simple magnetic clamps and the use in drives with excited permanent-magnet motors up to contactless magnetic measuring technology, the so-called magnetic field sensor technology. Examples of applications for holding magnets are the attachment of the roof lining, holding magnets on storage compartments and chip catcher magnets in the transmission and fuel tank. In the area of drive technology, motors for seat adjustment, window regulators, windscreen wipers, starter motors, air-conditioning control, speedometer drive, locking system and adaptive high beam must be mentioned. The magnetic field sensor technology is the basis for functions that are used in the areas of airbags, motor control, anti-lock braking system/anti-slip control, steering angle systems, seat occupancy, gear shift positions, transmission or speed measurement.

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