Social commitment is part of our corporate culture

MS-Schramberg supports Wittum-School

Representatives of MS-Schramberg and Wittum-Schule are happy about the presents.

"Social commitment is part of our corporate culture", says Managing Director Heimo Hübner. For this reason, the annual Christmas raffle, which again resulted in a considerable sum of money, took place as a fundraiser.

As in previous years, the donation from the company will benefit the Wittum School. The Wittum School is an institution in which pupils from six to 18 years with a developmental delay, disability or comparable developmental needs are taught.

The cooperation between the company and the Wittum School has been in existence since 2014 and is a great enrichment for both. "As a company, it is particularly important to us that the cooperation with the school does not only consists of financial support, but much more of common projects," says Managing Director Heimo Hübner.

Headmaster Olaf Rink was very pleased with the generous donation of 4,000 Euros and thanked the company on behalf of the pupils and teachers for their commitment. The donation will mainly be used for common activities such as excursions, which the pupils undertake throughout the year. In order to finance excursions for the pupil, parents quickly reach their limits. The donation can cover entrance fees and part of the accommodation costs.

As a thank-you for the many activities in which MS-Schramberg actively supports the pupils again and again, representatives of the Wittum School handed over a small present to Managing Director Heimo Hübner and Human Resources Manager Susanne Bertele.

During the meeting Susanne Bertele emphasized that the activities with the school are very popular with the employees and that the company is looking forward to further activities with the school.