01550 employees – one passion: Magnets

When it comes to permanent magnets and magnet assemblies, MS-Schramberg stands for maximum quality and efficiency. That's why we rely on bright minds and their enthusiasm for top technological performance in the field of magnets. With approximately 550 employees, we develop and build more than 5,000 magnet products in three plants. These are being used in a wide range of industries by companies across the globe.






Turnover (in million €)



02Focus on organic growth

MS-Schramberg symbolises "The power of the whole". We not only use this slogan to describe the optimal combination of our solutions and manufacturing expertise, of cooperative product development and our passion for magnets. To us, it also is a symbol for a healthy corporate development. With a long-term outlook, we are growing on our own. Our actions are geared toward sustainable profits. It's the only way to create financial and entrepreneurial independence, which lays the groundwork for strategic growth and creates opportunities for innovation.

03Practised sustainability

Social responsibility is deeply rooted in our corporate culture. We are aware of the role we play as one of the region's most important employers. That is why, under the banner of sustainability, we are also assuming responsibility for an economical development. That includes a social commitment in our region, fostering young talents by providing training that offers real perspectives and the active participation in a fair meritocracy. In addition, environment-friendly resource efficiency plays a key role in all of our processes – from development to production and delivery. In short: We are committed to acting sustainably.

04From the heart of the Black Forest to the
entire world

Just like us, each of our magnet products is a "Schramberg Original" and serves as an ambassador of the quality and values of an entire region. At MS-Schramberg, "Engineered in Southern Germany" is a seal of quality. It is part of our practised philosophy and a genuine promise to our customers and partners across the globe. They benefit from our tailor-made magnet solutions from the heart of the Black Forest.

Location administration
Max-Planck-Straße 15

  • Product development and Sales
  • Business administration

Production location 
Max-Planck-Straße 15

  • Production of hard ferrite and rare earth magnets, plastic-bonded, pressed rare earth magnets and systems
  • Compound production
  • Technical services

Production location 
Christoph-Schweizer-Straße 1

  • Production of plastic-bonded, injection-moulded magnets, plastic and plastic composite parts and assemblies
  • Tool shop and mould making
  • Technical services


MS-Schramberg is a down-to-earth family business. We are bold and responsible. We stand for reliability, simplicity, continuity and honesty. We work together in a manner that is respectful, trusting and results-oriented. Human dignity is extraordinarily important to us, which is why we reject intolerance, discrimination and child labour. Our set of values is the basis for our daily decision-making and actions.


We stand for organic growth and therefore ensure a long-range corporate development. A sustainable rate of return is important to us. It creates financial independence and offers opportunities for strategic growth and innovation.


It goes without saying that we are treating our environment and natural resources in a responsible manner. We place a high priority on resource efficiency. We feel obligated to act sustainably.


MS-Schramberg is aware of its role as an important regional employer. We assume responsibility for social issues in our region, promote training and work toward the development of a social meritocracy.

05Traditionally magnetic

What started more than 50 years ago with the gutsy decision of founders Peter Simon and Herbert Braun has developed into into an entrepreneurial and technological success story. The driving force remains the same. MS-Schramberg is dedicated to one of physics' most exciting and fascinating phenomenons: magnetism. We are looking back on a magnetic company history that has spanned half a century.

06Social commitment


Since 2014, MS-Schramberg has been supporting the Wittum School where students aged 6 to 18 who have a developmental disorder, a disability or a similar need for support are taught. From fundraisers to the offer of touring the company and internships, as well as joint baking events or the construction of a barefoot park, we are excited about the many great projects and activities for and with the Wittum School.



How can adolescents prepare for the demands of the real world and choosing a career path? The best way is by gaining exciting practical experience. At the same time, it is important to us as a business to be in touch with young talents as early as possible. That is why we have started long-term educational partnerships with committed schools from our region.


Following many years of working together, a contractually agreed educational partnership has linked us to the Leibniz-Gymnasium Rottweil since 2016. In addition to job orientation internships for secondary school students, in which they got to work on exciting projects like a buoy for recording environmental data, there were many other opportunities for students to gain valuable experience. For example with experiments relating to magnetism or other projects as part of science and technology classes.



The primary school in Lauterbach participates in the TECHNOlino project – a programme of the Südwestmetall (Southwest Metal) employers' association that promotes science and technology. It is supposed to raise the kids' awareness of the environment as well as technical contexts and natural phenomena. Our educational partnership with the school is characterised by activities that support a career choice early on and in a practice-oriented manner. Through exciting company tours and surprising experiments, the students get to know our apprentices, among other employees. They present their work in an illustrative way and thereby allow the students to experience the fascinating topic of magnetism.


Since 2011, we have been working together with the (technical) secondary school in Dunningen and we are offering students internships on a regular basis to help them choose a career. In addition, we are regularly providing students with information on opportunities and requirements regarding apprenticeships at MS-Schramberg and we are a fixture at their Career Information Day.


Social commitment: We assume responsibility

What applies to the world of technology and permanent magnets also applies to the areas of sports, education, social and cultural issues: Ambitious goals can best be achieved when working closely with trusted partners. We are supporting various clubs and projects in their valuable work. We are not only backing them but are also assuming responsibility for the positive development of our region.