01Working enthusiastically

Magnet and measurement technology, pressing and sintering technology, injection moulding technology, glueing technology as well as tool and automation technology – our work is dictated by technology. It thrills and fascinates us every day. This enthusiasm is our driving force and the basis for innovation – as well as our success. As an employer, we promote our employees' enthusiasm for technology. At the same time, we are offering them a secure working environment in which we communicate respectfully as equals. Each individual is supposed to feel well at MS-Schramberg and pursue their work with passion. Enthusiasm for technology and working well together – these are not just important features of our daily routine but also a key to our success.

02Why MS-Schramberg?

Success with joy, heart and intellect

A modern working environment, a secure job with good opportunities for advancement, appropriate remunerations and a wide range of benefits – all of these are factors when picking a job. As a traditional Southern German company, one of our characteristics is a reliable, down-to-earth quality. But MS-Schramberg has a lot more to offer: Enthusiasm for what we do and how we do it. Those who get to know our company experience openness, joy, esteem, mindfulness and respect. It's fun to work for MS-Schramberg – but it also provides security.

We go way beyond the norm

A clear vision, excellent prospects for the future as well as a sense of togetherness across all levels – all that distinguishes us as an employer. We deliver top technological performances and demand a lot. As a family-managed traditional company, we are also aware of our responsibility toward our employees. In order to deliver top performances, people require trust and an environment that provides them with happiness, esteem and respect. MS-Schramberg does not just offer you a secure job with fair remuneration and prospects but also provides benefits that go above the norm. Each employee is given an opportunity for personal growth and for a career path that is both undefined and sustainable.

03We do not just offer the norm but also many benefits that go beyond it:


  • Secure jobs
  • Fair remuneration with variable performance bonus
  • Participation in the success of the company through success-based bonus
  • Monthly goods voucher that can be reimbursed at HGV-Schramberg ("job card")
  • Company pension
  • Defrayal of dry-cleaning and leasing costs for work clothes
  • Gifts for work anniversaries, births, retirement, etc.

Health and flexible work:

  • Flexible work time
  • Part-time, shift work
  • Ergonomic workplaces
  • Free salad buffet in the cafeteria
  • Company-sponsored supplementary health insurance
  • Regular medical checks from company doctor

04Employee testimonials

We are enthusiastic about cutting-edge technology and rely on the power of bright minds. That is why we are providing each employee with opportunities for personal growth and therefore a career path that is both undefined and sustainable.