01Electrical charge


Electrical charge is a specific instance of the general notion of physical charge and is one of the fundamental concepts of physics. Forces acting between these charges have a multiplicity of impacts on the human environment. Virtually all visible physical processes can be traced back in some shape or form to the action of electrical charges.

A body can carry a positive (lack of electrons) or a negative charge (a surplus number of electrons). A charge can arise through the effect of friction if negatively charged electrons are removed or accumulated.

The movement of electrical charges is fundamental to the creation ofmagnetic fields and the phenomenon of magnetic attraction..

Electrical charges are not directly perceptible for human beings. However, we can certainly see or feel the consequences of their presence around us. Every one of us will have seen the lightning that accompanies a thunderstorm, which is electricity resulting from friction, or will have experienced an electric shock when trying to open a door after becoming electrically charged from friction contact with a carpet, or when taking certain items of clothing on or off. These are all manifestations of the forces that result from electrical charges.