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New plastic-bonded magnetic material

Suitable for the use with drinking water, e.g. for pumps, water meters or flowmeters.


Thanks to their ability to be shaped, plastic materials play an ever-increasing role in the production of magnets. MS-Schramberg has developed a new compound for producing plastic-bonded magnets for applications used in drinking water. Using the injection moulding process, magnets can be produced in many different shapes. For users of such magnets, this greatly increases the number of potential applications and the opportunities for further processing.

The plastic-bonded magnets are particularly well suited for pumps, water meters and flowmeters. They help to reliably transport and measure water without requiring maintenance. The polymer version offers production-related benefits. Because, compared to sintered magnets, more complex and delicate shapes can be created without a notable increase in costs. Generally, sintered magnets have to be machined to be turned into an extremely accurate moulded part through mechanical follow-up treatment.

Plastic-bonded components can be produced with very narrow tolerance ranges, which makes a follow-up treatment unnecessary in most cases. The newly developed magnetic material is already being used successfully in drinking water applications.