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Welcome to MS-Schramberg

Magnet and Plastics Technology | The Power of the Whole

Expert solutions and top quality – this is what MS-Schramberg has personified as medium-sized company for over 50 years.

We are one of the world’s leading manufactures of permanent magnets and assemblies. Our Credo: Everything from one single source for unbeatable reliability.

Across an area of around 33,000 m2, about 600 employees develop and produce approximately 5,000 customer-specific products, which are used by companies from the most diverse industrial sectors.

Sintered Magnets

In the case of sintered magnets, the magnet material is in its highest performance composition. We speak about this type of magnets, if the main material (e.g. NdFeB) is not being mixed with a further material. They are contrary to the today mainly spread plastic bonded magnets.

Plastic bonded Magnets

There are two main types of plastic bonded magnets: Pressed manets (pw) and injectionmoulded magnets (p).

Plastic and plastic composite parts

Since middle of the 1980s we have been overmoulding sintered or plastic bonded magnets with technical plastic.

Magnet assemblies

By magnet assembly we mean a “product”, which through the processing of sintered and plastic bonded permanent magnets becomes a customer-specific “magnetic system”.

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